Sunday, June 13

Alchemy of Connection, a request for lists

I think I have siked myself out on this post.

I have written it. Erased it. Written it again. I took a double dark chocolate gelato break. I returned for a couple long hard stares at a blinking cursor before I decided to simply say this:

I would be honored if you wanted to spend a few days noticing all the good moments that stack up between breakfast and dinner and email me a list of your favorite nine. What will I do with your list? It will be my muse and inspire an original acrylic painting. I will post new alchemy paintings regularly on my blog until each and every list is transformed! 

to email your list to

I am so excited to read your daily good! Please note this will be the LAST invitation to submit your list for 2010! 

Details on Alchemy of Connection can be found here and here.

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