Tuesday, May 11

alchemy of connection, four


1) Cold dog nose waking me up in the morning

2) Hot coffee with cream while sitting in my breakfast nook

3) Arabian jasmine flowers on my front porch

4) Fall light coming through the trees on Shoal Creek

5) My ever growing "jack in the bean stalk" spinach from my garden

6) Sweet husband who is an incredible cook

7) Golden retrievers barking and woo-ing at me

8) Making someone laugh

9) Watering my garden, flowers and plants

I met Laura while attending The University of Texas at Austin. She was a friend of a friend and well, we just hit it off.  She could make me laugh and had this stylish strong woman sense about her. I gravitate towards women like that. I remember her graciously letting me photograph her for my semester project of portraits of women.  I remember her long fingers adorned in natural stones and hot pink fabric lit from behind, showing curve up curve upon curve. Such a beauty, that Laura! I wanted her painting to match my memory of those photographs we took – classic, regal, softly lit and to intertwine with “Arabian Jasmine, fall light, climbing vines and watered garden.”

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