Friday, May 7

alchemy of connection, three

9 pleasures...

sunrise over catalina mountains
steam rolling over and enveloping my morning up of tea
soup.. the warmth and comfort and nourishment.. even in the summer, i love
walking with my girls into little (or big) patches of nature
watching hummingbirds and butterflies on the flowers outside my window
snuggling and midday nap with my girls
photo documenting everyday beauty.. beautiful beautiful life!
connection with friends and family.. spread out all over the world..
mike's tender goodnight kiss

* hi there. this post is off the cuff. I am in need of a little 'unwind' therefore I am taking a night to reee-lax!  I will be back with more soon about painting Jen's list + additional photo's. Until then, take your eyes to her  beautiful photography ! 

5/11 update: Nice and reee-laxed now more on Jen's List below ...

Jen’s painting came quick, like I’ve known her all my life. I suppose that is how it goes with kindred spirits. We have never met, yet I understand her “Catalina mountain sunrise, hummingbirds and butterflies, midday nap…”
In each of her photographs, there is always vibrant desert color swirling around her subject, soft light catching hairs on the nape of a neck and however fleeting, a glimpse of each persons essence. She is bright, budding and wicked talented. 

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