Wednesday, May 5


heart rock gift i received today !

I have always loved arriving at this question on Etsy’s ‘Quit your Day Job’ blog feature:

Walk us through your typical workday.

Jumping to that one question, I anticipate big things.
There is something about the flexibility and creativity that connects each sellers day that makes me want to shout a “helllll yeah!” I just can’t contain it!

BBQ Grill dripping after a late Spring snow

I have been eating the minutes with a ravenous spirit as I move through my first few days of creating and following inspired whims.
If I didn’t mention it, I am on a 360 hour holiday from random short term jobs and I am using every second to acknowledge what feels good and inspired and going from there.

Our front "yard" this afternoon

I’ve been walking through dreams up here, finding a daily rhythm that suits me and celebrates creative vision. Juicy + Vibrant are two adjectives that best describe how it feels to be living this.  I have decided that the following ingredients cook up my perfect workday:

Waking naturally + morning coffee outside + fresh air + dog walk + home cooking + art making + bike riding + afternoon nap + idea session + more art making, capped off with something frivolous and just plain fun.

melting dog print turning into a circle on the deck

Having finished one alchemy painting, there are two others in the works!  I am repeatedly struck by the way these women writers, artists, mamas move through days of children, dishes, dogs, daily and notice small goodness from moment to moment. It fills my heart.

I wish you good night’s day.

See you with a new (((alchemy))) painting(s) on Friday!

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