Monday, May 3

Let's talk ALCHEMY

Alchemy of Connection Lists                                                                        May 2010

I am writing to you with birds chirping, dogs barking, a slight wind blowing. There are trees budding, puffy clouds puffing - - It’s a blue + green explosion!  Bees are buzzing ‘round my head, Light is being rolled out by the minute and I even saw an owl fly + perch on last nights drive. Spring auroras too, think pink wispy + mint green against iridescent blue. You make noises when you see that kind of beauty. You ooooohhh and awe at their incredible. Thank you sits on your lips.

Today, it is important that I share with you, as I dip a toe into the beginning of 360 straight hours of free time to create art! Yippeeeeeee!
I have decided that I’m gonna unplug from those lovely little electronic devices that, If I am not watchful, can become a big chunk of my day. Yes! Shutting her down for  three days to celebrate creativity! I will be working on the Alchemy project and whatever else comes out of my hands + heart. I am excited to sit with your lists, to transform your day’s delight into form and formless, shimmery stuff and peripheral things…

In honor of all you rule breakers out there, I may only plug back  in during these days to post a blog or two. In the spirit of connection, I wish for you to come along, so it is important to leave space for such an occasion.

To the Adventure!
Holding you high,

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