Monday, May 3

from the radio tonight: gypsy winds are blowing warm again

I’ve always been a sucker for Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles.
My husband is a good sport when this one or maybe Tequila Sunrise shows up on a mix. He knows not to question his lady’s love of
The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975.
For me, any of the songs on this album spin me into feeling free; like I felt during truck drives with my brother. In most of these memories I am young - high school sometime, windows down on Texas farm roads, heading to break bread with family on a Saturday. The memory swirls into sunset colored sand off red rocks in the desert and blooms fiercely in fuchsia during Spring.

Music is wonderful like that. With one chorus, it sends you traveling.

Tonight ITunes Genius picked it by random when I started a thread with Bob Seger’s Night Moves. Oh yeah, this song and I go way back too.
Summer. Straight Up. Breaking curfew for first kisses with first loves.  There was humid Texas night and bangs stuck to my forehead, cheeks were flushed in summer and youth.

Where am I going with all this feel good + music you ask? Where is this innocent confession going?

Right here:

When you deeply love something (for instance, me loving on The Eagles) so much so that it evokes instant happy + joy (cut to my descriptions above) and you are then able to release it. Love it. Not think about it too much. Not hold it too tightly (ie: if I snuck it on every mix) and watch. No – not even watch. Just be. Be pleasant in your “what is” for the moment. Be expectant in joy and you’ll see...  

Think it
Feel it
Love it
Release it


Simple right?

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