Friday, April 30

Hello last day of April,

Thanks for the rainy good smell and sensory rewind to last August,
 when summer gave way to rain on tin roof and saturated soil to sleep.
You be tricking me by warranting a fire in the woodstove and a wearing of a long sleeve T.

It’s all right, I love you no less.
I get why you want to stick around. It’s why I stick around too.
Alaska is worth it from any angle. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.
I got that much the first time I saw her.
I was twenty-two.
I knew it.
She was a force to be reckoned with.

Soon enough,
I will sleep to all night open windows and curtains lifting on an un-set sun.
I will be flip flopping in no time,
wearing worn-in jeans and maybe a pearl snap? 
Tank topped and sun kissed for sure - oh yes, I will ever be.

My sister sent me another little note out of which a whole slew of art making ensued. Swan diving into words I went, clinking cameras I clicked and there was the reaching, always my reaching, for something to “write it down on.”  It’s been a good few days. Creating clears me out and stops that time from a'ticking.

The note went something like this:

If everyone really knew how much they were loved by everyone now in their life, there’d be little hearts drawn on everything from wheelbarrows to skyscrapers to jumbo jets.

I received my first TUT message today. This idea started out being sent to 38 addresses back in '98. Today there are over 300,000 subscribers spanning 189 countries! I love it!

Let me tell you –
signing up was worth it
 just to see an email from
The Universe "
in my inbox. 

((Psssst…check it’ll help with thinking the good thought))


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