Friday, June 11


I have a one eyed dog. His name is Peja and he is full of mischief.
I inherited him through marriage and he keeps us on our toes. He likes to make noises – deep, contented grunts – when you pet him. I love this about him. He knows how to fully surrender to “feel good.”  My husky mix, Talia, is fierce in her protection of him. 

Now, this is a first since my little lady dog has very much been a loner most of her life. She is picky about the company she keeps – aren’t we all? There is something about Peja though that keeps her looking around corners first and snarling front teeth when the neighbor dog gets too close. It is sweet to see. Talia has a new BFF.

I will be back by the end of the weekend to invite new lists to join the pool of lists in my Alchemy of Connection project….

See you soon!

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