Tuesday, June 8

alchemy of connection, eight


What makes my world go round:

Receiving dozens of Merlin's kisses
Savoring hot cafe latte in a purple cup
Watering my succulents indoors and my flowers outdoors
Rock jumping hundreds of meters down Oak Creek
Laying on slick rock in the sunshine
Rocking out to music in my car
Reading National Geographic or a glorious novel before sleep
Doing anything and everything while in bed
Having a beautiful conversation over lunch

Sandra has a way about her. She is deliberate in how she says things and pairs her soothing speaking tempo and well thought out words with graceful expression and gesture. I have always admired this about her. I first met her at a dinner party in Arizona back in 2006. I remember we hugged over introductions like we were already old friends. I think that is how it goes with those "soul recognition" friends, from the start it was easy and effortless. We'd soon meet for regular breakfast dates and topic after topic would unfold in a delicious dance of enthusiasm, encouragement and openess. There is more I could say about Sandra, like how she married Merlin (another fabulous human being) and brought all her loved ones together for one of most memorable weekend wedding's I've ever attended or how talented she is with growing a garden and the swoon worthy intricacies in her pen and ink drawings, but my time is short, so what I will end with is this: If you are ever able to break bread and share in conversation with Sandra, consider yourself blessed.

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