Thursday, May 20

alchemy of connection, six

Today is the little brother's due date.

I woke up to a triangle of orange light at the top of our wall of windows. I love to wake up to those windows on a clear morning. I wake up happy every sunny day.

I had my coffee in a pottery cup the color of that old aqua fleece we both loved. It's a mug I ordered from etsy as a gift and then couldn't part with. It was made in Sedona and reminds me of good drives.

Liam and I went to the park because we haven't been outside for days because of all the rain. He wore his red helmet and rode his tricycle with the new bike horn grandpa bought him yesterday. Liam had his choice between a black, blue, and pink horn. He chose pink.

Jennifer met us and brought homemade sugar cookies with sour cream in them. Puffy orange pumpkins and brown bats with frosting and sprinkles. I ate all the pumpkins on the drive home.

There is round little heel bulging through and I love to run my hand over this unmet foot and wonder what he'll look like, what we'll name him, who this baby will be.

My sister came up for coffee during lunch and I had chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer which made her day. 

There are peach and orange roses on the table leftover from a little baby shower that Susan did on Sunday. 

Yesterday afternoon I mailed some letters with the magnolia stamps I'd bought for our wedding invitations and just found in an old binder. When I told the woman behind the counter she said, "Wow, you've been married a long time." It made me smile. We've only been married for an increase of 7 cents on postage stamps but it still felt good. Our anniversary is in exactly one week. 7 days. A lucky number.

Last night we watched a couple old Julia Child's shows (black and white) on Peter's computer in bed. How to cook potatoes and french onion soup. It was nice to laugh with Peter before we fell asleep.

Sara and I were assigned to the same room in McConnell Hall back in '96 at Northern Arizona University. We laugh as we recount our first impressions of each other. I remember her listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, which concerned me. She has no memory of liking Pink Floyd that much & swears it was on a mix tape.  My ashtray collection had her wondering if I was a crazy chain smoker and if she should switch rooms. She was relieved to find out collecting ash trays was just my thing at the time. In the end it all worked out like the divine crossing of paths it was;  we became partner in crimes and have been friends ever since.  So this painting, Sara's painting, came super quick !! I had not only this list to inspire me, but 14 years of really great memories! Love you Lulu! Happy almost birthday!

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