Saturday, May 22

Twenty-Two good things about May

Hot, hot sun and bare feet on the dash

10:15 pm walking the dogs. Warm air rising from 73-degree day with cool rain falling... 

Being near a river

Wearing skirts that feel like tissue paper

Turquoise trade beads at a garage sale

Choke cherry trees blossoming on lawns of historic houses downtown

A morning coffee date that includes a surprise

I think the surprise is a boat ride (!)

( next day update:  It was !!)

Warm cinnamon bread pudding with butter pecan ice cream

Coral colored t-shirts

Pulling cold water in a Klean Kanteen out of the fridge

Next day sore from Pilate's 


Finding out about

Meeting Stephanie + having an acupuncture session at Acutribe

Writing blogs in my head while walking the dogs home, opening the door to see a pen and paper already out on the kitchen table

The Rasmuson Foundation offering panel comments regarding submitted art work. How helpful is that!? Great organization!

A mix my friend made resurfacing, unscratched

Green smoothie: kale, blueberries, banana, pear, carrot juice and a shot of OJ (add ice and blend on high for 1 ½ min if want to try it – deee.LI.cious)

Seeing artwork hang over at Zuban’s in Portland, Oregon (thanks anna + technology)

Today is the twenty second

Reading this:  “In the time that it takes you to read this short Note, you could have planted a new image in your mind (anything you like, ideally with an emotional charge); I could have reacted (realigning planets, people, and the sort), and the floodgates would've begun trembling violently as we'd have been drawn infinitely closer to manifesting the vision you'd chosen.” Fortunately, there's still time.
          Hot dog,
         The Universe

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