Thursday, May 27

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It took me some time to get it together today.

I went to breakfast, hit a few garage sales, a lemonade stand, basked, napped, flirted with the internet, photographed things, sat and stared from the deck, drank a smoothie, wrote this post. 

                                                                   hot pink pedicure
                                                    yesterday's rainbow 

I had big plans for productivity and truth be told, my day was unfolding in nothing but whimsy things.  I panicked once in the afternoon when I thought back on my 'to-do' list. But for the most part,  I happily released the notion of needing to do anything.  I followed what felt inspired and it felt good. It made all the difference in the day's flow.  
Sometimes, the best thing you can do is toss a well-scribed list out the window. See where you end up. It is always just where you need to be.
 Embrace your summer 


Things that make my heart grow:

       Seeing Robert walk into a room
       Coming home to two wagging dog tails
       Talking to siblings and friends
       Watering and talking to my plants in the morning
       Doing yoga
       Taking a nap with my cat snuggled on my stomach
       Tortilla soup with my good friend
       The first cool morning in Tucson – signals a hope that summer will be    over soon
        Eating a good avocado

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