Monday, May 31

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It’s turned smoky on the summer. Fire season started early this year. Lately the wind’s been shifting, creating in its wake a strange glow in the evening. The sun turns liquid, a pool of orange + pink. Gray light parts for the occasional sea gull. There is the nearness of water and outdoor activity.  Kicking my crossed legs, I realize how happy I am to be right here, smoky summer and all.

There are bees buzzing around me, mosquitoes I’ve wisped away and the clumsy flutter of brightly colored butterflies. I’ve taken note that the summer of 2010 has let insects out in force.

It reminds me of something I read this week:

2010 will be the Year of Great Acceptance and the year’s to come will be Years of Honey.

I like that.  Bees. Honey. Buzzing.  

Living into honeyed years conjures up exhales and sweet things, also Maya Angelou’s well loved line: “Your hands easy weight, teasing the bees hived in my hair, your smile at the slope of my cheek…”

Reading another’s perspective about what sort of goodness is going round the world left me feeling inspired. You know the feeling. It comes by a swift stream. It's made up of inevitable outcomes from projecting thought to the edge. Being devoted to daily practices focused on the positive slant of things...
 What if this went my way? What if the best outcome is happening now? What if I surrendered completely to this moment?
What is your ‘what if’?

Positive What If’s are honeybees and a queen. They're patterned and perfect, connected all the way through design. You are being readied for something, something big. I know you feel it. It IS happening to you right now.  
You are living into honey.

Sending you off with one definition of ‘Namaste’ this girl loves,

The light in me sees the light in you.

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