Saturday, June 5

sugar and cream please

works in progress, coming soon to my etsy shop

With easy winds blowing and rain softly falling it happened again. One turn on a clean whistle and I had dogs running towards me and eyes set on home. It hit me mid walk what I wanted to tell you.

I knew all day I wanted to write to you. You see, I hadn’t yet wished you a happy start to June nor shook you down on what’s been going on. I hadn’t even told you about any of the things I have in store for you!

Happy June sweet one.
Here’s to you being a buoy in an ocean of “best of.”

(picture by Nisa and Jeremy Kove)

Goodness rings round with the birth of June 3rds 7:22 pm baby – my friends new love, Miss Harper Day Kove. 

(picture by Nisa and Jeremy Kove)

There’s rain drenching wild fires and dandelions standing in as lawns. Wild roses are blooming and there’s so much light! BBQ’s dot the calendar and there’s a kayaking trip to boot. There’s also the early morning core strength class to kick my ass to keep going back to. I feel my addiction is growing for the next day sore. And you know what?
I am back in the world of temporary employment as I narrate this story of unfolding dreams. A swift 2 ½ months go round before I cross the ocean for a villa in Italy. Oh my goodness, a big adventure is coming!

It has kind of surprised me, you know, my latest gig.
I am waiting tables and you know what’s really freaking me out?
I kinda like it.
It‘s fast and furious and quickly I create cash.
Bigger than that though, there’s the opportunity to connect with people from around the world. All I have to do is lead them through a meal.
It's truly delectable darling. ‘ In joy ’ all the way.

My newfound surrender with having to work part time has been working double time for me. There are little signs everywhere that things are coming together on my behalf.
These things, little graces I’ll call them, are how I know that the actualization of the creative dream is close. For instance, there
was today’s mention of me as “creative director” on a project I am collaborating on that had me bathing in goose bumps!

Look. I’ve waitressed on and off through out my college years and the gypsy ones that followed. It used to rile me up pretty good. Now, it is different. A shift has occurred. I see my role and the whole experience in a new way. Weird or high maintenance requests throw no weight at me.  You want something that isn’t on the menu? Well okay, let’s fire it up! You want me to split that check eight ways during a dinner rush? No problem! Bring it on folks; I am busy celebrating my creative dreams becoming real.

You know what I have in store for you?

The grand reopening of my etsy shop this month!

and and . . .

This month I will announce a call for more Alchemy Lists!!!

In the meantime, keep steeping in savory.


(Hey there. Are you visiting for the first time? Unsure what the Alchemy of Connection project is? Come on back because the invitation to inspire an original painting is coming very soon, week!)

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