Tuesday, June 15

a little randomness

afternoon light on the garden

Today’s outfit would definitely tell you I am working from home.

 birch hearts on the belt sander

I will start by telling you that the sun came out after almost two weeks of storm clouds and rain. I can totally see how our ancestor’s worshiped the sun. I am pale, winter pale folks, from 7 months without being able to bare a shoulder or a leg (without tights + wool socks + mukluks). I am making up for lost time today and multi tasking my way into productivity …

outdoor work table

Okay, back to this outfit.

All I will say is:

Tube top (cause who want's tan lines anyway?)

Adidas running shorts


Bed head pulled back with a bright pink headband


Sun Basking + Northern blue and green landscape + outdoor art making = my heaven

A little bad fashion, I am convinced, goes a long way...

afternoon light inside the cabin

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