Saturday, June 19

Called out of ether

ritual dog walk                       pantano wash, tucson, arizona         2006

I remembered a list I made on February 19, 2006. I came across it the other day while thumbing around for some important thing. I have an accordion file from my sales rep days where I keep the remnants of 2006. That is the year the signs came rushing in. That was the year I got clear and allowed myself to fully lean into the nudge.

Spring palette                                                                                             2006

I remember making the list. I was sitting in the backyard of my peach colored casita in the desert city.  Before I tell you this story, I need you to know how I ended up in the desert making lists of impossible possible dreams...a shy first attempt at deliberate living. Before packing up and heading out into the unknown back in 2003,  I circled towns on a map as possibilities for my next home. Unattached to any plan, I intended to let  intuition lead the way and with that I hit the road. British Columbia, Bend, Eugene, Bellingham, Moab were flying by….Tucson was the one that pulled me in.

me                                                                                  2006

Back to this list I recently found inked in black fine point sharpie and primary colored markers. You want to know what manifested?
Three quarters of the list peeps.
Here is a just a glimpse of what I am living in 2010:

I smell cottonwood, lilacs and winter.
I hear rain on tin roof and see love walk through the door daily.
I am fully aware of wonder and possibility.

I now drive that Subaru and used to drive an old 89 Toyota 4 Runner

(Still a favorite vehicle even though the windows eventually didn't roll up and the motor blew)

I am walking my property, painting in a studio, taking photographs and reading in front of wood stoves.

My studio in 2006

My partner is of generous spirit and loves the simple things.
He is handy, has mechanical smarts and woo-wee creative to boot!
Alaska grows good men if I do say so.

I am traveling to the hills of Tuscany this summer and have three road trips in my immediate future. 

Returning to Alaska, Somewhere in Canada          June 2007

I’ve been sinking into massages, opening to acupuncture and getting good haircuts.

* * *
All of the above is compliments of a list penned in 2006.

* * *

I love the whimsy in my list. I remember feeling so raw and hopeful when I wrote it. Even then, I believed.

What about you? What deep seed are you harvesting?

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