Sunday, June 20

hello day before vacation,

I am teetering on the brink of overwhelm. I am getting ready to spend the next week kayaking near Homer, Alaska and I am frantically trying to chip away at the “To-Do” list under the haze of a head cold.

Hot Toddy Matt made in my oohlala garage sale blue glass 

It is getting a little messy around here.

At some point today Matt told me to burn my list and do what is important, “like, maybe bake those cookies cause cookies are important when you’re camping.” I love my husband.

Taking this to heart, the list is now crumpled and gone.  I decided to only do these things:

1. Write this blog

2. Make the house sparkle so it feel’s more like a vacation instead of dog/house sitting for our friends staying here

3. Make pear + pecan bread, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies

4. Charge my camera battery

5. Walk the dogs

6. Put a box in the back of the Subaru for all the stones, sea glass and driftwood I am going to find

7. Get to bed early after a long soak in a bath with dead sea salts and eucalyptus oil

Which means that:

1. My etsy store’s grand reopening will now happen in July

2. A couple tumbleweeds will cross my Face book Page next week

3. The Alchemy of Connection project will be placed on hold until the first of July

Happy Solstice to all you light loving souls!

I will be back next week with new stories and fresh photographs...


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