Monday, October 17

What if ?

What if ... I wrote a blog post 5 days a week?
What if ... my big break happened tomorrow?
What if ... I didn't get on the computer on the weekends?
What if ... I left facebook?
What if ... I started a monthly newsletter instead?
What if ... I was more organized?
What if ... I finished the Alchemy of Connection project?
What if ... I applied to that Artist Residency in India?
What if ... I started commenting consistently on my blog?
What if ... I painted for 8 hours a day?
What if ... I posted 3 new items daily to my Etsy shop Mon-Fri?

What if ... What if ... What if ...

Whenever I'm a little unsure or feel that inner dialog coming on that is - well - negative, I've put into practice asking myself positive "what if's." Instead of "oh man, this is never going to work" I pivot and ask myself "What if it did work? What if the best case scenario was happening right now?"  It's been a powerful process for me and has improved the quality of my mental-scape 100 fold. I'm curious - - what are your positive "what if's?"


  1. What if I posted my first comment on a blog ever, right here right now? :) I've been having very similar thoughts lately. It lead me to working on watercolors between painting large oils, feeling more free and creative with my art, opening a new etsy shop, starting my first blog, waking up earlier, using my calendar, putting ideas into action, and much more! I totally agree, "what if"opens your mind up to endless positive outcomes.

  2. I use to do the 'what if's' and that can drive one insane... I've learned we can't dwell on the what if's... Just take it as it comes and don't look back.. what will be will be...
    btw went to your facebook page and saw comment about the birch discs.. I think you should incorporate it in your work... right now I am using a decorative plate to show off the stones and birch that I have bought from you... I also noticed the glass ball.. will u be having any on your etsy??

  3. River Luna - Hi! and welcome!! I'm honored you left your first blog comment here...Thank you! I love your list and I'm with you - when we ask ourselves the positive "what if's" it changes our world !! Off to check out your etsy!

    Hi Chris - I agree, what will be will be ... But we have the power to spend our thoughts reveling in the possibilities of best case scenario's. Powerful stuff : ) Thanks for the feedback on the glass floats. Matt has zero'ed in on his idea of a solid stand for the floats....exciting!! Eventually, I will sell them over in the shop...hoping to have at least a few for the holidays over there...

  4. my biggest what if is

    what if it didn't have to be perfect?

  5. I sometimes wonder "What if I had chosen a different college?", because you see, 15 years ago, I married my Philosophy Professor. And then, I look at him and I think that there are no "what ifs". Whatever happens is the thing that is and should be, even if the questioning is what spurs you to pursue the thing in the first place. Thanks for the beautiful thought. :)

  6. Oh wow Julianna! I'm so glad you shared!