Thursday, October 20


It's the season of the wood stove and cords of wood.

There's a blanket of snow on the town and I find myself,
once again, 
staring down the start of winter. 
Five to seven months darlings of moon light, sparkly snow and the aurora borealis. We've been spotting shooting stars from the deck and I keep bliss'ing out on our living room vibe. It's mix matched and has been properly upgraded to a new level of cozy.

Oh! Winter went easy on us this year. She came in real quiet - - polite even.
But I have a feeling she has a thing or two to teach us yet. Winter reveals...

We have only to cozy up tonight, light the fire and pay attention to which way the wind blows. For that, I'm thankful.


  1. Please tell me that you do not burn those amazing beaver chewed sticks.

    I wish we could see the aurora borealis down here.


  2. ahhh. sweet and lovely winterlude posting.

  3. brooke, you'll be happy to hear that those sticks are only drying out : )

    thanks marie. xo