Friday, October 14

It snowed!

Here's to miniature snowmen, snow hearts and nice notes from strangers.

Happy weekend!


  1. What a sweet snowman! Its still warm here in Cali! 80 something degrees!. I bet that note made your day!. :-)

  2. Snow!!! Agh! I saw 5 flurries on my windshield yesterday on the way home from work and felt like such a nerd for my giddiness at the first signs of real winter.
    I always get so excited about snow.
    Cute snowman =)

  3. snow. wow.

    have you ever made that maple sugar candy they pour on the snow to cool in 'Little House in the Big Woods?'

  4. Chris-80 degrees?? You lucky woman. I always mourn the loss of warm temps for a little I will be sauna'ing a bunch this winter. Oh yes - that note did make my day : )

    Jess - I love that you love snow and become giddy over the first signs of winter. I wish I did !

    Brooke - you were in my dream last night -- it was fun to see you!! Maple sugar candy poured over snow?? Sounds fun and delicious. I've never watched that show ... have you made the candy?