Sunday, October 18

A word gift for you

I was inspired to make you a word gift in an instant. I sent you an invitation on impulse. Thank you for playing along . . ."taking the bait" as one subject line read. I delighted in daily readings of lists sent to me from around the globe. And not all once. I had the pleasure of receiving new lists each day this week. I read the last one on Friday night, I believe it arrived just before 9 o'clock.    Thank you.    All of you inspire me.

Ahem * How about this present ?
It has been evolving since I first sent out the request for your 9 good things. It is two fold and I am excited!

First: You will find a lovely compilation of all of your lists below. Notice how, at the heart of it, you and me - us and they - we are all connected by the simple pleasures of the day. Things that made it on my list, were on yours. I love that. Go ahead, see how many good things you share with someone you've never met.You'll be surprised.

Second: This year I began a painting study that explores the idea that everything is connected. I post new work regularly on my website
Throughout the year, from each of the list's sent to me, I will pull one of your "good things" and incorporate it visually into a painting. The paintings that contain a special list item, will be posted on with a corresponding list of what inspired the piece...that is where you will find your name and the item from your list. See you soon! Enjoy!!    (ps* Happy Birthday Sophie!)

sara * alaska
1 - Today is the little brother's due date.
2 - I woke up to a triangle of orange light at the top of our wall of windows. I love to wake up to those windows on a clear morning. I wake up happy every sunny day.
3 - I had my coffee in a pottery cup the color of that old aqua fleece we both loved. It's a mug I ordered from etsy as a gift and then couldn't part with. It was made in     Sedona and reminds me of good drives.
4 - Liam and I went to the park because we haven't been outside for days because of all the rain. He wore his red helmet and rode his tricycle with the new bike horn  grandpa bought him yesterday. Liam had his choice between a black, blue, and pink horn. He chose pink.
5 - Jennifer met us and brought homemade sugar cookies with sour cream in them. Puffy orange pumpkins and brown bats with frosting and sprinkles. I ate all the pumpkins on the drive home.
6 - There is round little heel bulging through and I love to run my hand over this unmet foot and wonder what he'll look like, what we'll name him, who this baby will be.
7 - My sister came up for coffee during lunch and I had chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer which made her day.
8 - There are peach and orange roses on the table leftover from a little baby shower that Susan did on Sunday.
9 - Yesterday afternoon I mailed some letters with the magnolia stamps I'd bought for our wedding invitations and just found in an old binder. When I told the woman behind the counter she said, "Wow, you've been married a long time." It made me smile. We've only been married for an increase of 7 cents on postage stamps but it still felt good. Our anniversary is in exactly one week. 7 days. A lucky number.
helga * germany
1 - laying in bed all day when I have a cold and reading a wonderful book
2 - hearing the wind beating the rain against the window
3 - riding my bike through the multicoloured Franconian autumn forests
4 - cooking a delicious Italian meal while sipping from a glass of good red wine from time to time
5 - going for a walk on a golden October Sunday with Manfred
6 - celebrate a party weekend with my family, sisters and families
7 - sitting outside a café and watching the people go by
8 - having a sunny breakfast with boiled eggs in our kitchen
9 - laying in the sun in my wooden deck chair on our veranda
alex * spain
1 - seeing the sugar drown in the foamy milk of my morning latte.
2 - the sound of butter starting to melt on the pan.
3 - the smell of butter melting.
4 - bare feet on cold-ish bathroom floor before a shower.
5 - being thanked for the postcard you mailed.
6 - the moment when you stop pedaling 'cause you are riding downhill.
7 - goodnight kisses.
8 - the sound of applause.
9 - a friend asking me about the things that make my world go round!
sarah * ohio
1 - Waking up under warm blankets in a chilly room
2 - Eating a leisurely breakfast and then pulling up to my desk in my pjs
3 - Playing with my cats; they’re sweet and funny as all get out!
4 - Days when my husband is working from home, too
5 - Walking in my neighborhood
6 - Sipping a skim café latte with a little bit of cherry syrup
7 - Taking work to a coffee shop, when I need a change of scenery
8 - Cooking dinner with my husband
9 - Having a head full of plans and dreams
sophie * new zealand
1 - Cup of green tea in a handmade mug
2 - A whole, empty crossword, a pen and a dictionary
3 - An un-subtle labrador who wants a walk
4 - Sitting at my table eating looking out at either the sea of the hills depending on what side I sit.
5 - A beloved childrens book and a hot water bottle after a terrible day
6 - Coffee and breakfast in my favourite cafe in town
7 - An empty beach, 8 dogs and 8 friends
8 - Wild penguins 20 minutes down the road.
9 - Friends who listen
rachel * washington,dc
1 - cuddling in the morning
2 - bright red fallen leaves
3 - sitting next to a wonderful stranger on the metro bus
4 - deep breaths
5 - long bike rides
6 - watching kids play
7 - singing along to live music
8 - sun on my face in the morning
9 - creating from my heart
amy * australia
1 - raisin toast
2 - a trip to the bookshop
3 - peppermint tea
4 - an afternoon movie, in an almost empty theatre (with popcorn)
5 - naps
6 - learning something
7 - meandering conversations with lovely friends
8 - yoga class
9 - a favourite song playing a little too loud
megg * united kingdom
1 - cuddling in bed in the morning
2 - Rooibos Vanilla Tea
3 - Cinnamon Lattes
4 - Crisp Autumn Days
5 - Time spent with my family
6 - days off
7 - good girl friends
8 - good writing days
9 - inspiration
kathy * kansas
1 - snuggling up next to my husband for a cozy post-alarm snooze during these cold fall mornings
2 - singing and dancing along to my favorite music while i get ready for work
3 - enjoying the color explosion of fall leaves on my walk to and from work
4 - taking a day off to stay home and wear overalls, listen to music, and create
5 - sipping hot coffee with yummy hazelnut milk in my favorite mug
6 - cooking supper with my husband
7 - practicing my fiddle
8 - curling up with a great book
9 - early morning bike rides to the bustling saturday farmer's market
honey * california
1 - The smell of bread baking (vanilla)
2 - Meeting someone new who feels familiar
3 - Curling up with a book under warm duvet sipping sweet Chamomile tea
4 - Sitting under or climbing a tree -- both offer fabulous perspectives
5 - Walking along the water or in the woods
6 - Rubbing a puppy's belly
7 - Walking through sweet neighborhoods at dusk -- nice watching the day wind down
8 - Pandora radio stations catering to my daily mood
9 - Long dinners w/ great friends when you don't want the night to end
lynne * new mexico
1 - sewing pointe shoes
2 - the discipline and peace of daily ashtanga yoga practice
3 - hiking silently in the woods
4 - watching the sunset
5 - breathing in every flower i can find
6 - finding a way to be with nature in any given setting
7 - deep breathing
8 - connecting with spirit through art
9 - watching my neighbor's dog run and bask in the sunlight!
kathy * germany
1 - Improved health
2 - Recent news of our daughter's engagement
3 - Anticipation of coffee in the morning
4 - Having a husband who affirms me daily
5 - Cute remarks from Nik and Ben
6 - Free, first class, airline flights
7 - New renters
8 - Naps in the afternoon
9 - Weekly Bible Study
vicki * southern arizona
Things that make my heart grow:
1 - Seeing Robert walk into a room     
2 - Coming home to two wagging dog tails
3 - Talking to siblings and friends
4 - Watering and talking to my plants in the morning
5 - Doing yoga
6 - Taking a nap with my cat snuggled on my stomach
7 - Tortilla soup with my good friend
8 - The first cool morning in Tucson – signals a hope that summer will be over soon
9 - Eating a good avocado
kerri * nevada
1 - Ryan waking up and saying "good morning Mommy"
2 - the nights Michael comes home from his week of travel
3 - receiving cards in the mail
4 - receiving surprise calls/emails from "long lost friends"
5 - picking Ryan up from school - his hugs are the best!
6 - taking an extra long, really hot shower & treating myself to a leg shaving!
7 - hearing "thank you" from people you work with
8 - an unexpected lunch date
9 - a cloudy day - living in the desert, it's always sunny!
laura * texas
1 - Cold dog nose waking me up in the morning
2 - Hot coffee with cream while sitting in my breakfast nook
3 - Arabian jasmine flowers on my front porch
4 - Fall light coming through the trees on Shoal Creek
5 - My ever growing "jack in the bean stalk" spinach from my garden
6 - Sweet husband who is an incredible cook
7 - Golden retrievers barking and woo-ing at me
8 - Making someone laugh
9 - Watering my garden, flowers and plants
sandra * northern arizona
What makes my world go round:
1 - Receiving dozens of Merlin's kisses
2 - Savoring hot cafe latte in a purple cup
3 - Watering my succulents indoors and my flowers outdoors
4 - Rock jumping hundreds of meters down Oak Creek
5 - Laying on slick rock in the sunshine
6 - Rocking out to music in my car
7 - Reading National Geographic or a glorious novel before sleep
8 - Doing anything and everything while in bed
9 - Having a beautiful conversation over lunch
puanani * california
1 - Watching the sunrise behind the white linen curtains
2 - A nice pot of perfectly brewed tea with raw honey and rich half and half
3 - A sweet breeze kissing my face through the window
4 - Hearing my beloved whistling when he comes up the walkway after a long day at work
5 - Dead heading the flowers, only to come out a few days later to a plethora of blooms
6 - When the puppy snuggles up to me early in the morning
7 - Hanging the clothes on the line
8 - Sitting in the garden after a morning of hard work
9 - An afternoon nap...
anna * texas
1 - I sold my jeep of 18 years for the price I was asking less than 24 hours ago.
2 - My new boots and cooler weather to wear them...and the first compliment I received on them before I   even got two steps away from my bedroom door.
3 - Each glance I get of my new pink tires for my road bike that match the (Chris King cancer awareness) pink head set and hubs that I've had for years and the focus to ride at least 4 days a week. It is truly the one thing that allows me to remain sane. I feel immense gratitude each time I clip into my pedals for my health, life, and legs.
4 -  Listening to Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" and "Crown of Love" on repeat; but especially "Wake Up"-- I am in love with the lyrics to this song.  Obsessed may be a better word.
5 - The bright sun against the blue sky and the 66 degree wind the has been blowing my hair around for the past two days....and the smell of my favorite shampoo that I recently splurged on is a true bonus in the wind.  6 - The apple fritter and iced americano that I just took down.
7 - The steamy plate of Mexican food that I cleared at 3AM
8 - The for sale sign in my yard.
9 - The growth spurt my mind is currently experiencing.  I am growing in ways I never thought I would at 33.
 jennifer *
1 - coffee in the morning/holding the warm cup
2 - kissing my son a ton when he wakes up
3 - sitting quietly w/myself, God, soul
4 - my evening walk
5 - playing 4-square with my son, husband, and neighborhood children
6 - weekend bike rides
7 - arriving to work in the morning or coming back from a work related drive & sitting in my car, not going into my office right away.
8 - helping someone
9 - smiling at someone who smiles back
laura * texas
1 - a good book on a cold rainy day
2 - one cup of coffee
3 - a good night’s sleep
4 - listening to the neighbor’s dog bark
5 - the quiet of early morning
6 - my son’s smile
7 - the sigh of exhaustion post dinner, post bedtime
8 - real mail in the box
9 - clean sheets
ron * california
1 - Waking up in the morning
2 - Looking out my bedroom window and seeing the perpetual gofer has not been in my lawn during the night
3 - Speaking of grass, thankful I am still on the right side of the grass
4 - Going outside and filling my lungs with beautiful fresh air
5 - Smelling the fresh coffee either I have just made or maybe Seana did
6 - If it happens to be a day I work in the tasting room of my very close friend’s winery,  looking forward to the people I   will meet who come from all corners of the world
7 - Those people who enter our tasting room, always have a big smile on their face, and I do all I can to see them leave with a bigger smile.  ( I usually succeed )
8 - In the evening,  sitting in my recliner with a glass of wine and enjoying it with my wife
9 - Going to bed and praying tomorrow I will accomplish # 1 above.
cristina * texas
1 - smelling my husband in bed after a nice sleep.
2 - opening Madeleine's door in the morning and hearing her say "Es dia, Mami!" (it is daytime!).
3 - making and drinking my cafe con leche and my toast with butter.
4 - driving to work and listening to music.
5 - finding a beautiful inclusion under the microscope.
6 - walking my dog Rugby in the evening.
7 - getting a hug from my daughter when i walk in through the door.
8 - the bedtime ritual (prayers, books, songs, sleep)
9 - being the only one awake in my house when the world is dark.
margo * texas
1 - Opening my computer to see the picture of Pat and I on top of Mt. Crested
    Butte (12173 feet)
2 - Practicing my piano and looking at my columbine pictures that are so
    wonderful - perhaps my favorite flower ever
3 - remembering everything about being in the mountains
4 - Yes, getting real mail
5 - My grandson charging me with a bear hug
6 - Water - floating in it, standing in the shower, water any way
7 - My hour to an hour and a half putzing around in the house before Joe gets up
8 - Joe silently getting up and coming to find me
9 - talking to my dear friend in the early morning quiet
julie * germany
1 - backseat conversations between Ben and Nik
2 - the feel of clean clothes
3 - the excited anticipation that an unread book sparks
4 - Torsten's coffee
5 - little footsteps while I'm still half-dreaming
6 - the sweet pleasantries that cyberspace cannot hold a candle to
7 - train rides
8 - night noises: the hum of the dishwasher, the tumbling of the dryer, the snores of little boys -everything getting ready for a new day
9 - attention to detail
sharon * texas
1 - Talking to the Sacred Heart first thing in AM (and throughout the day)
2 - Being quiet several times during day and feeling the beauty around me
3 - Having coffee on front porch swing or backyard swing with my lover/husband (James)
4 - Feeling my husband/lover's touch throughout the day for no apparent reason
5 - Hearing from any of our children or grandchildren (email, phone, or mail)
6 - Hearing from good friends and connecting with them
7 - Being at the beach and just listening to waves and marveling at the world God made
8 - Reflecting on members of fam who are in heaven
9 - Being thankful for the family and friends God has given me
ray * germany
1 - crunchy mixed nuts
2 - reading a good book in the quiet of night
3 - plowed fields on rolling hills of German country side
4 - a bit of turquoise blue sky in grey storm clouds
5 - a warm touch
6 - bundles of tulips at the flower market
7 - vegetable stands and fruit stands
8 - sipping cappucino at an outdoor cafe
9 - slices of red bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots on a white plate
yvonne * arizona
1 - Arizona sunsets
2 - Homemade green corn tamales
3 - Rain on a tin roof
4 - Outdoor evening concerts with a glass of wine
5 - A good book
6 - Sustainability
7 - Ole time fiddling music
8 - My home
9 - Family meals
carrie * new york
rocking dillon before bed:
1 - sweet
2 - safe
3 - quiet
4 - joy
5 - peace
6 - love
7 - pure
8 - grateful
9 - warm
alison * alaska
1 - NPR on the way to work
2 - clean public restrooms
3 - Jeff Buckley
4 - warm, fresh, scented laundry
5 - apple anything candles
6 - pink, orange, purple sunsets
7 - genuine gratitude from others
8 - getting the new Rolling Stone
9 - free pads of paper in the mail
wes * utah
1 - calling old friends to make jokes
2 - long walks with no regard for time
3 - when jo gets home
4 - making breakfast
5 - too much time to ponder
6 - the view from the balcony
7 - driving with the windows down
8 - imagining my next job and new life
9 - my sweet beautiful dog so pure of heart


  1. "Green Tea: The Harvest" Read it at

  2. This is a great idea. Wish I had seen it sooner to send you a list. Looking forward to seeing what you create!