Wednesday, October 13

In 2009 I began the Alchemy of Connection series. In a nutshell the series is about what is created when we connect and share in daily joy. Quite often in the fast pace, multi-task it becomes easy to blur the details, miss out on "sunset caught porch side, first cups of coffee and night swimming during summer." As an Artist I feel it is important to catch those fleeting things, lightening bugs in jar, and preserve them in my current body of work.

House Remodel Update: Shelves are up!

To my alchemy list makers: You have and continue to give me a beautiful experience and here's a shout out to all of you brave souls!! Thank you for noticing the good in life and taking the time to send it my way. I want to acknowledge you as a partner in the evolution of my artwork. I am deep in gratitude for you.

Tupelo Honey

So. In honor of all the people, kind words, good poems, beacon's of light on my path I offer up a regularly updated  ((( visual collage + text )))  in album form over in the big house of face book . Oh yeah.

a good idea, no?

Here's to the WHAT and WHO is inspiring my work in 2010....

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