Friday, October 8

what's been going on?

There’s snowfall and cozy, intention and belief blasting. There’s a rediscovery of love for washing paint on claybord surfaces. There are purple doors and some re-worked furniture, a house full of big warm color and the fleeting beginnings of winter baking routines (banana buttermilk pecan muffins today). There’s a space that opens daily full of grace and lot’s of silence. There are painted stones and alchemy lists, deliberate to-dos and this lady who is happy to be exactly right where she is.  

Let’s celebrate with a (((new))) alchemy list turned painting shall we?

I do believe the lovely Lynne has arrived …
1. sewing pointe shoes

2. the discipline and peace of daily ashtanga yoga practice

3. hiking silently in the woods

4. watching the sunset

5. breathing in every flower i can find

6. finding a way to be with nature in any given setting

7. deep breathing

8. connecting with spirit through art

9. watching my neighbor's dog run and bask in the sunlight!

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