Saturday, October 9

Saturdays are for lovers

I caught the clock at a good time

for a dog walk in my old hood

Oh Warp Drive
and Milky Way how I love thee

and there were kisses from the forest - see the x of xo?

We saw first frosts

 and an address sign that made me think a hobbit might live there -

Such a good drive home soundtracked with a forgotten mix

AND I even had real mail love waiting for me. Inside - 

two switch plate covers I am crazy about

 (to see where I found them click here)

I wasn't kidding about my winter baking routine starting...

Wild Alaskan Blueberry muffins 
formed a spontaneous heart *

 There was even rainbow light on bedroom walls 

and chickadees flying from feeders

..... can a day start any better?

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