Sunday, October 17

Alchemy + Sunday night

Landing soon in the shop!

Life doesn’t have hard edges. It’s continuous and of a curved persuasion. I feel myself exhale a little more when I think about that, I am comforted by geometry. Well, geometry and those itsybitsy sparks of love laced throughout the day. What I can tell you is that October is starting to look like a colorful stitched corner on some heirloom or estate thing. It is pure pleasure to wake without alarm and begin to thread deliberate thought into a tapestry of infinite possibility.  With the day to call my own and 4 years under my belt figuring out this living dream, I feel drunk with the nowness of it, giggle fest and all.

Within this good feeling arose clarity on how I’d like to continue on with Alchemy of Connection. My original thought was to exhibit the paintings + lists together in a physical space. I have since decided to shift the sails on that one, by offering instead a limited edition print of the entire collection together. The design and details are being worked out but I’ll tell you in the meantime that I am jump up and down excited about how it’s unfolding. This brings me to a little more news. In the spirit of flexibility and in great celebration of changing your mind, all original alchemy paintings will be for sale.

 If you emailed an alchemy list to me during 2009-2010 and haven’t yet seen your painting post on my blog, know that your list is in a state of becoming. 

Once your painting is finished you will receive an email from me with a link to view it, as well as instructions on how to go about purchasing your original at a special price + a surprise or two. wink wink. If I don’t hear back from you within the week following my email, your painting will post for sale to the public on my website. Easy breezy Wheezy.

If anyone has any questions holla at me over here

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