Thursday, October 21

every stone has a story

The stones from Italy in my etsy store were gathered in August of this year after a gasp mid-drive, which led to a spontaneous pull over on some cliff, to stumble down to a river raging and back up with arms and pockets full of stones. This followed by a sweaty window down drive where butterflies float in the dreamiest afternoon light the whole curvy way home.

 Imagine the straight joy at running into my two sisters who happened to be drinking espresso looking crazy beautiful against all that Tuscan sun and color.

 And at last,  there is the good luck to be lighting upon it all in the first place.

 I saved these pictures to warm you…

Bird's eye view of patio and pool 

walking around Limano with a lone cloud

the path that passes the church and leads into the forest

i love a poolside. 


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