Monday, November 14


Guess where these little darlings are going?

Straight into Zooey Deschanel's swag bag via The Artisan Group!! Oh hey! Lots of excitement over this today!

I plucked Zooey's circle stone from Homer, Alaska this past spring and painted it while listening to M Ward and her sing. I like to do things like this - - open up and intuit design and colors for a stone while tapping into music.  It's a triple bonus that the music came from the very person I was painting for. 
Pure glee about wraps up what I feel right now.

And so life goes. One day gloomy, the next full of glee.

Thank you to all who sent encouragement & love after yesterday's post...I felt it and it most likely contributed to the good mood I've been rolling in all day !


  1. gloom and glee. ha! I know what you mean. :)

    and so exciting that zooey will receive your lovely stone!


  2. wow, I bet once she gets it, good things will happen for you!. you may have to kiss that part time job away!. btw got the stone and thank you for that added 'surprise' ...:-)

  3. hey! congratulations! i am SO jealous!
    i ADORE zooey!

    [btw: what's your temp up there? -11F here.]


  4. One day gloomy, the next day glee...yup.

    I'd be super excited, too! What a pretty stone.

  5. Aaaahhh! Thanks lovelies for the comments. Gloom and glee for sure, life is such a ride! If any of you are interested Valerie of The Artisan Group is incredibly approachable and they are always on the look out for new artists! The link in the post will take you there : )

    Foxy the temp reads -23 at 11:15am! Yikes!! I forgot how much below zero burns (wood & skin : ) -11 is cold for Sutton, no?

  6. very awesome amy! its only just the beginning... wishing for you big wondrous moments. xoxo forever.