Sunday, November 13

The truth about part time work

Sunday lately feels neither here nor there. I find I stay in bed longer (hello melancholy) and spend a good part of the early afternoon walking around the house puttering, dabbling in distraction.  The driven business woman in me is cracking the whip from the sidelines urging me to do any little task that will further my business. 

Sunday is my Friday at the restaurant and there is this horse kick feeling (hello resistance) of "Really? We're still here? (Insert 34 year old mental tantrum) I just don't think I have it in me to play the game of waitress one more shift." It's not that the gig is bad, it's honestly the best waiting job I've had in my career of odd jobs, it's just that my heart isn't there anymore. My heart is running with all the things I need to do the coming week when the hours of the day return to me and my creative biz. So really, it's not you part time job, it's me. I'm ready to break up. 

I dedicate this post to all the creatives out there who part time it while full timing their dream. It ain't easy, can be downright depressing and I totally get all the feelings evoked by living these split lives. Here is what I want to say to you (and me): It will not be forever. Never underestimate consistent, daily steps - baby steps. Living authentically and deliberately pays off. It really does. I look back 5 years and where I stand now is so outside the realm of where I thought I'd be, it is better, business is better and I've found my stride. You will too. Together we pave the way for a new world, where artist's thrive and make real livings doing exactly what it is that calls to them. We need you. We need your art. We need your voice. Don't ever give up. 


  1. Thanks for always providing encouragement and motivation to live the dream. Here's hoping you will be able to live your dream full time soon enough.

  2. When i was teaching (and dying inside) I remember doing (at least) one thing a day to help me get closer to the day that I could walk away from my job and closer to my dream. You are so right, the world needs YOU. The world needs YOUR ART. The world needs YOUR VOICE. Keep going because you are inspiring so many more people than you know. Keep going brave girl.

    Thank-you for the kindness you left on my blog last week. My heart was so comforted by reading your words. Your voice is real and your heart is beautiful. xo

  3. Well...the world might not need MY art... But I'm pretty sure it needs yours. I loved this post.

  4. Umm Julianna....the world most definitely needs your art!! I LOVE that you leave crocheted stones on the beach for people to find!! AND - the moroccan pillows??? Hello awesome! xo

    Blowing kisses to you K, Danielle and Katie. Thanks for the love.