Wednesday, November 16

Thirty - three below

We're experiencing some serious January cold on this 16th of November.

We've parked it next to the wood stove for the time being.
I'm so thankful to work from home today. 
How does anyone function in cold like this? I feel like I've had brain freeze all morning.
That second home in a warmer spot is quite a convincing daydream with temperatures like these. 

Keep those fires stoked my winter warriors!


  1. Oh man! That is serious cold! It is unbelievably windy here today making the cold cut right through you. Eep. Days like this make cloudy snow days welcome...

  2. I can't even imagine what that would be like. It seems impossible for things to get that cold. And I've read of worse 'in the old days.'

    We're just at a balmy 40's + here, which is quite chilly for now.

  3. Wow. That's a whole different life. We are going into summer here. To think I complain we we get a frost!

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. hi, sweet alaskan neighbour.
    't'was -6F this morning. now, +16F. headed out to snowshoe and chase down a moose. [not really. but one was on my snowshoe hill this morning, aggravating the dogs.]

    hang in there. we're tough alaska girls.


  5. Berlin will be your Italy, mama...So excited!!!!