Tuesday, August 9

this and that

Hello from my wildflowers. They're the bright fleet that greet me as I climb the steps towards home. I've been compulsively photographing them as of late. I think I'm experiencing some pre-winter anxiety. Nothing new, winter and I always start on these terms (yes I know I just said winter in August). The productive side of anxiety is that our beets are harvested - -

and we're stocking the freezer with sweet corn (we soak the cobs in milk and sugar).
Later we'll make and can salsa from this years tomatoes. 

We resurrected our record player 
(I already can see the cozy winter scene)

and the hubs even ran a few errands. 
He brought back some love from Kodiak, Alaska

and man don't you know I'm a girl who loves rocks in the mail.

 With that - I'm heading into the studio,

see the rainbow light?

my winter anxiety is no more.



  1. sweet sweet posting.
    love the gift of rocks.
    love the prism.


  2. Pasia likes carrots?? Will have to keep that in mind! Loved this post, AK!

  3. those beets!!! aye!!! love it!

  4. Oh man, I am BEET obsessed!! You have me drooling and it is barely 8am :-). I found a recipe for beet pancakes and plan on attempting them as soon as the hubby is back in town.

    Overall warm feelings from this post - thanks!

  5. I laughed when I saw all the beet greens! my gosh. :) I see much chopping and freezing in your future! we love to throw a mashed beet into our mashed potatoes and turn them pink.