Friday, August 12

Beets and giveaways

Beets. I never like them until Guatemala. Guatemala you ask? Random I know. Back in 2001, my host mom used to make this beet and cauliflower salad that was awesome. She could also make eggs and beans taste like filet mignon and loaded mashed potatoes. Or maybe I was just really hungry. Either way, that's when my love of beets began. 
Tallying up winter food prep and we're at 10 bags of beets having a color fest in our freezer. Life is feeling right on track.

In other news - -

Talented photographer and dear friend Jen Long is having a giveaway through the end of August over on her blog. It's big guys! I recommend checking it out. Have I told you that she's coming for a visit this fall? Over the moon excited peeps. She's offering a limited amount of photo sessions while she's in Fairbanks.  Sign up early because they're going fast...

Big Weekend love to you all!


  1. lovely posting and link back to your friend's site!

    happy weekend to you, amy.
    i have been on vacation for 16 days and am falling in love all over again, with my alaska, sweet and true alaska.


  2. Marie! I was salivating over your days of vacation today. It always makes me happy when people take nice long vay -kays...especially people I like : )
    Keep falling in love m'dear. Celebrating you!