Monday, August 8

Number Magic

I opened my eyes this morning at 8:08 am and it took a minute to realize today was the eighth of August. I love stuff like this, fills me with little kid magic - - my line up of eights. Certainly it's something to pay attention to, as silly as that may sound to some of you reading, but I notice serendipitous things like catching 8:08 on 8/8/11. 

Today I'm spending a few hours photographing a family while their grandparents are visiting. It's a big honor for me. I can't help but think of these kids at my age and how much these photographs will become treasures. 

My clients are good people. I photographed them last month when their other set of grandparents were in Fairbanks visiting. The only direction I was given was to catch candid moments, the little details, their daily...
I can do that. I'm a big fan of details and everyday magic - - the stuff moments are made of.

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  1. I still remember the ones you took of our boys. The black and whites still make my heart skip a beat.