Friday, August 5

Crazy Wind

A crazy wind kicked up yesterday and they say tonight will be the first frost of the season. 
Oh Alaska where did summer go? I still have faith in your green slopes and hot pink fireweed blooms.

I may have a wood stove going and there might be scatters of lavender light across rivers, but know in glass jars lining wooden shelves there is evidence of your sun ripened skin. . .

. . . strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry, cherry . . .


  1. amy! how do I not have your email? I wanted to thank you for the lovely package and letter you sent ~ one will be coming your way soon. I love the rocks!!! Thank you so much.

    ...and, frost!? already? I could go for a little piece of that here, it's so humid and hot.

    xo brooke

  2. oh, amy....!
    what a lovely posting.