Wednesday, August 3

Around here

When life gives you cabbage, you make sauerkraut! 
Which is exactly what Matt did last night while I made my first batch of blueberry jam. We've sampled it and it is deee-lish! The jam that is, not the kraut. The cabbage was one from our garden weighing in at a whopping eight pounds. It should be ready for canning in a week. It's a regular episode of Little House on the Prairie over here....

(ps) a nice surprise to see a stone on the front page of Etsy this morning! 


  1. You amaze me!. At first it looks like a broken part of a brownie w/ cool icing... love the detail.

  2. my goodness: that's one solid cabbage, eh?
    this confirms what i suspected: your growing season does the veggies more good than does our cool alpine season here in the mountains.
    happy "little house on the prairie" to you!

  3. put the cabbage in your Vitamix :-)