Saturday, July 16

Matt spotted this heart on the inside of our green house door. It took me almost two years to see it. It's been there all along. I wonder what other good is out there in the every day, waiting patiently to be seen?

I've been busy in the studio dreaming up new lines and wishing there were three of me to round the clock craft these ideas into form. Thankfully that's also the time when I remember to breathe and take a step back.

 All good things people, all good things.  

there's a story here 

We're heading off to go dip netting to fill up the ol' freezer. I can't wait to be in a boat. 
(and) I'm so looking forward to cracking a cold one next to a river raging. 
I could use the breather. There's nothing better than being in nature with my favorite backdrop -- mountains. 

And you know, I can appreciate that sometimes you've just gotta let ideas simmer -- loosen your grip, slowly put down your optimistic to-do list -- and go get your summer on. That's exactly what I'm gonna do. See you guys next week!

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  1. i can fully get on board with that - sometimes you have to embrace the short bit of summer we get (or whatever season presents itself) and enjoy it while you can. you can come back to your ideas later - have fun! also, i love that heart in the door, so great.