Thursday, July 21

Dip Netting on the Kenai

It's hard to look glamourous on 5 hours of sleep, after driving 10 hours on 4 hours sleep the day before. I get this curly bang thing going (I can hear my sister's laughing) when any sort of wet or humidity hits my hair and all the pics from our dip netting adventure prove it  - - 

Yeah. Dip netting is not about looking good or fashionable. It's fish guts and blood, tired arms, wet body, circles under your eyes (remember that lack of sleep I was telling you about?), digging deep for patience when trying to get the boat out of the water with 20 other peeps trying to do the same thing and it's a blast!! I was on a high the whole drive back to process our fish. We caught 44 salmon and one flounder. Freezer is stocked!

And it only took 5 hours for 4 of us to process it - - which is a walk in the park compared to the 14 hours it took to process our moose last year.  Can you tell which I prefer?


  1. woo-hoo! way to go, little miss alaska!

    [yes, i actually *like* processing salmon. some for the dogs, the rest for me....]

  2. Ha! Guess who else has a curly in her hair?? Mine just started (my bangs are longer now and all into curly :-)). xo