Wednesday, July 13


I'm surrendering to quiet these days. 

I've been doing house things and making art. 

I can feel the light slipping on out of here and it has me stockpiling for winter. Matt took over the rhubarb harvest ( I want to make chutney, jam, muffins and pies ) and I have everything I need to preserve a winters worth of basil pesto. We lost the cabbage to a moose today. He made a second appearance in the yard this evening. 
I forgave him pretty quick, he's one beautiful creature.

I found six, 10 " x 10 " blank boards amongst my art supplies while house purging last week.
 I finished the first one last night - - -

It struck me how the paper surface felt foreign now, how clumsy I was around it and how little paint I used. Returning to layering washes reminded me how hard I fell back in the day for this medium. There's something about layering and shaping color on color - - the dance between painting wet and drying time. I liked how paper soaks up paint and how the dotted patterns look against a landscape of washes.

I think it's good to return and revisit your former creative self. It was a trip for me to sit down with how it all began:  2-D design, professor Gibbs Milliken, a basic set of acrylic paints and illustration board. It reminded me how much ground I've covered since those days and how the intuition to take those studio classes built a path that still rings right and true almost a decade later. 
So many blessings.


  1. The word 'blessed' has been in mind mind often lately. I love these pictures.

  2. loving your words and photos.

    i feel the silence: it comes as alaska's summer winds down all too quickly.


    [too sweet: my verification word - "jampot".

  3. Beautiful. Funny even though I know your dotwork I thought you had attached a fabric embellishment to this painting.
    Been thinking of you... getting kind of lonely out here. Just a couple more days till Mr. gets home.
    Enjoy your solitude.
    xoxo Kim