Monday, June 27

You know I like those double numbers...

(all above shots of downtown Fairbanks)

I didn't mean to take most of last week off from the blog. Turns out I was swept up in summer mania ( 21 hours of daylight does this to you) punctuated by a wonderful visit with my parents. 

Limano & my dad

The last BBQ

Today I am back in the studio (can you hear my heart skip a beat?) and planning a shop update for Thursday the 30th. I can paint a lot of stones in three days my friends - Get ready!

I love the grain on this box

In other news, there's a double number sale happening in the shop through Wednesday. 

 Yep, you heard right. Through Wednesday receive 44% off your purchase by entering DOUBLENUMBERDISCOUNT at checkout.

( * ) sale ends midnight alaska time on Wednesday June 29th


  1. Your folks are delightful, I'm glad you had a good visit. Have fun back at the studio with your summer inspiration.
    xoxo kim

  2. my my. a sale. well, you HAVE to know i took advantage of it. i'm in love with your painted stones. i nabbed the one that has been in my favourites list for a long time....

    thank you, sweet fellow alaskan: yes, the summer mania grabs us and sweeps us away. welcome back to cyberspace.


  3. I love your painted stones. :)