Tuesday, June 21

Happy Solstice

This little beauty landed on me as Matt and I were drinking coffee on our porch yesterday morning. Anyone who has been reading me for awhile knows that I interpret this as no small thing, rather a grand gesture from the universe celebrating alignment and the miracle in the mundane. 

Buddha and the cucumber

After sleeping well to rain and open windows, I awoke to the most beautiful sunny cloud filled day. Summer solstice is my thang. Today I'm clearing and cleaning my spaces, filling  bird feeders, going slow, sage'ing out while noticing the abundant goodness of my surroundings. I'm arranging pink peonies in vases and walking around with thank you's in my mouth. I'm getting ready to welcome my parents for a short visit and to say I'm excited to share June in Alaska with them is an understatement.  How are you spending your solstice?


  1. We are basking in the sun and swimming today. The sky looks so good with the gorgeous blue and the white fluffy cloud dots, I just want to take a bite out of it.

  2. Grand gesture from the universe...I like that. =)

  3. "....a grand gesture from the universe celebrating alignment and a miracle in the mundane."
    i love how you think!
    sometimes it seems only we alaskans hold the summer solstice precious in our hearts.
    sometimes it seems only we alaskans say "happy solstice" and really mean it.

    happy solstice, amy!!

    [i'm working tonight, wee fox in my pocket.]


  4. That sounds like fun! I celebrated by going camping with tim and following red-spotted newts around (I like how they walk), making a delicious fire-cooked dinner of potatoes, kale and steak followed by some delicious apple crisp made (at home) by yours truly, and going to sleep in tent after the midnight fire to the sound of a thunderstorm...

    I love the solstice too. :)