Wednesday, June 29

summer in all her random glory

I overheard someone comment that you hadn't been in Alaska long enough if your windshield wasn't cracked. True dat. Come to think of it, I can't remember any of my vehicles windshields escaping their cracked fate.

Matt and I loaded the dogs and headed to the North fork of the Chena river yesterday. We had rock hunting on our mind. I had every intention of taking pictures on the river but the mosquitoes threw me off my game. Plucking rocks from the rivers edge was no match for the face full of mosquitoes we both received. One open/close of the car door left 50 or so of those blood suckers buzzing in our space. Needless to say It ended up being a quick and dirty operation, yielding half a bucket of rust brown and grey rocks. 

Here are the few shots I did take. Funny. They are all from the car.


  1. I feel your skeeter pain! Love the pic of Miss Talia!