Wednesday, May 11

Tiny Lanterns

Tucson 2006

The Sonoran Desert has some of the best smelling air. Have you ever come upon a citrus tree during spring? Forgetaboutit! That sweet scent is swoon city.

Warm night air. Sounds delicious doesn't it? Talk about fireflies and fragrant honeysuckle and I might cry. The last few days it's been, well, chilly and kinda dreary if you want to cut to the chase. I'm ready for warm air and summer. I am. I decided to blaze past my teetering disposition and pen my perfect day. Start to finish this is ideal:

wake naturally
gratitude practice
dog walk
coffee & internet (breakfast too)
post office run
post blog from cafe, photo scavenger hunt, hit thrift stores, packaging shopping (insert any business related field trip really)
exercise & sauna
HOME. walk. family time
PAINT. work on creative projects. one last swish around the internet.
chillax (what we say around here when we mean 'chill' and 'relax' at the same time)
gratitude practice

I'd love to hear what your perfect day looks like. . .


  1. I've traded in my Sonoran desert air for leggings and a fire in the stove this week. Looking forward to some solid days in the studio and a little planting.
    Having you visit out here in the boonies in the studio could top the list!
    xoxo Kim

    PS, loving the road trip CD... to Anchorage and back

  2. um, mine prety much sounds like that.

    mine would include waking early to spend time writing in the garden, a leisuely walk, good green eats, the studio, and a british film later on before a night stroll...

  3. "Swoon city" might be my new favorite saying :)

  4. hope you are getting some of the sunshine we're experiencing down here in "the valley"....
    days like this, i have to MAKE myself stop and rest. days like this, we just go go go all day 'til we realize how late the hour.

    ALL days are perfect. they MUST be. perfect....

  5. Waking up to Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" with a cup of coffee waiting, steaming, at my bedside table. Reading my book, skyping with my family. Looking over the city below and the blue skies above. Biking into the city and meeting my husband for lunch. Picking up the boys from school and going to the river nearby. Closing the day with asanas, a Texan sunset, some red wine, hand-holding, and Rob Pattinson's "Never Mind".