Tuesday, May 10

Tuesday's mantra

Dear dirty dish line-up,

You are going to have to wait. Hey vacuuming - hold on. Toliet scrubbing? Maybe next Tuesday. I am turning a blind eye on all domestic duties for the rest of the week. The only thing I need to be doing is painting and breathing. Painting and breathing. 


  1. You are doing fantastic Amy Keep it up! You can, You Can!
    By......the....wayyy..... I freakin love your cd mix. Very awesome. We have similar taste. I got it Saturday morning after some out and about with my husband and when I peaked inside the mailbox- well... you made my face light up. Thanks again. It was on repeat while our own house work got done. Big smiles to you. And thanks for the card- it is on my art wall now.
    Cheers to you!

    ~ Jolene

  2. i've always admired young artists who can put aside the housework for creativity instead....
    i cannot focus unless my house is orderly and clean.

    thank you for your words and photos. you bless my heart. you do.

  3. how i envy that mantra. it's not that i can't ignore the housework. i just need to get rid of my day job...

    can't wait to see all that you're working on!

  4. Housework will always be there, faithful as that little devil is, so embrace the moment and ride the rush of creativity 'cause its a freer spirit, coming and going as it pleases...xo

  5. We finally got hooked up to water again a couple of days ago. And I'm loving my new utility sink out in the Garaj Mahal.
    I'm glad you have your priorities straight!
    xoxo Kim