Sunday, May 15


Anniversary lunch      2/22/11

I've noticed a menu trend as I paint stones for June's show. Oh yeah, old standbys are back in force.  We're talking granola & bananas people, bagels with cream cheese, apples/peanut butter/cheese/crackers and the occasional late night peanut butter and honey sandwich. 
Here's a question. If I have an espresso at night I gain like 6 additional hours to my day, right? I need those hours. Has anybody else noticed how fast time seems to be going by? 

In a yellow villa . . . . . Limano, Italy


  1. yes, espresso definitely expands time. :-) take two, they're small. :-)

  2. Even though we don't talk a lot, I have been noticing almost a heart a day, kinda like your toast up there, -in the middle of a ham slice, in a potato I'm getting ready to peel, in suds left over from the boys' bath, on a stone Herbie brought me back from Ireland- and they always make me think of you. Noticing...the little messages the universe leaves makes my days complete...

  3. Yes...time is going by way too quickly these days!