Friday, April 1

(A few of the) Best things about my time in Charleston, South Carolina:

77 degrees people! Azaleas and Dogwood trees in bloom.

Sharing immediate spaces with family and friends

Sweet Tea, Shrimp Po’boys and hush puppies with honey butter

Combing the beach with Matt during a thunderstorm – so many treasures!

Calvin and his band – can you say, “put on your high heels mamma?”

Bluebell ice cream (I literally squealed in the frozen food isle)

My sisters:

Laughing. All. Week. Long.

 Seeing the couples who were my examples of love/marriage/partnership growing up slow dancing to Purple Rain at the end of the night…tears rolling down my smiling face…

And really, the best - best thing of the week was seeing my brother and new sister in law so happy 

Happy first day of April!


  1. Is Katie K our Katie K? Anyways, I loved this. Loved it a lot! Hugs to you, Sistah!

  2. a much nicer and more joyful post than my april fool's joke. :-) glad you had a great trip. it sounds like it was very emotionally energizing.