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Creative Interview: Scott Allison

A few months ago I was approached by local stylist and small business owner Scott Allison. He was excited about a project he was calling synergy. Now, you guys know I was star-eyed at hearing synergy which webster defines as:  "two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual."  I mean, any project that involves collaboration, photography, and a salon had my attention; hearing it called synergy was icing on cake. 
The first shoot in this project took place on a bright eyed Sunday in March, photographed by yours truly, the day no warmer than 28 below.  It's with pleasure and admiration I share the pictures from this shoot alongside today's creative interview with Scott. He and his team, who by the way, peeped not one complaint at the burning cold or my occasional "hey, do you mind scaling up that snow drift to stand on a 5 inch wide ledge so I can capture you in the light that's hitting that wall?." Troopers I tell you. Many thanks to Scott, Hayley, Amanda, Mariah and Dawn for inspiring the images that follow and a big thank you to Scott for being a part of my creative interview series!

Scott Allison

1. What is creativity to you? What does your creative process feel like?

Creativity to me is an expression to put forth my artistic talent and express to others how to feel good and wear their hair and fulfill their own expressions, whether it be classy, sassy, or simply free flowing. The creative process is very fulfilling it starts with a consultation, so the client and I can be on the same page to reach the same look. Then the process begins and i usually start by feeling the movement of the fabric I'm working with, how it moves, the texture, and the color.  I dive in with the knowledge and experience of the reaction to each cut I make. A lot of how I cut is with flow and rhythm. The end result is a shape with natural movement.

 2. How has your life changed since deciding to open your own salon?

Life is amazing after opening my own shop I found myself playing many roles, owner, manager, janitor, handy man, creative director, and the list goes on and on. I love it! The part I enjoy the most is the manager side of being able to help others with direction on how to run their own buisness and get the most out of their booth rental. Teaching others how to grow as a stylist is a great thing. Education is the root of our business which involves learning from those before us; watching videos on new techniques; hosting outside talent to instruct stylists; and watching 'the light go off' when someone grasps something new is always fun to witness. Basically life is much more busy!

3. What inspires you? 

Many things inspire me all the way from my girl and family, to others in my field, to those who want to be a stylist one day. My biggest inspiration is God.  Every day a set out to achieve the goal for why I was put on earth, to build relationships with others, to improve those relationships and grow, and encourage others.

4. What do you love most about where you are now in the experience of living your creative dream?

What I'm truly in love with now is my creative dream and all the new doors it opens.  Meeting people such as, Amy Komar has inspired me to combine our creativity to make something I couldn't have done alone. With starting the salon I now have an army of people who believe in me, and with that Hayley my girlfriend and I were able to start Project Fairbanks a non profit that focuses on bringing Art and events to our downtown to help other non profits to raise money for their needs. Doors just keep opening! Creativity keeps flowing and by combining our ideas with other artists we can create a beautiful thing.

 5. What do you intend for your creative business in 2011?

My goals for to 2011 is to create four large events with Project Fairbanks raising over 50K to help others using local art and spreading  awarness on the issues of cancer and recycling. Also to help others achieve their goals. I'm challenging myself to become a better Hair stylist and a Paul Mitchell rep. Synergy is a program I have high hopes for. Basically it's all the local salons coming together and sharing their talents of how to grow their businesses and share their knowledge of hair.

6. What words of wisdom would you share with other stylist’s pioneering a similar path?

A bit of advice to all other stylists is open your minds to allow great things to happen.  If you help others grow you will be the one who benefits as well. Being behind the chair will allow you to build a relationship with those in the chair and a chance to create a piece of Art on the head that is going to bring happiness to them every morning. I enjoy showing up to the salon everyday ready to change people for the best.

 7. Please list (9) good things that came from following your bliss:

To name a few good things by following my bliss....Being able to provide for my family, helping others do the same, being able to express my self, having a facility to invite other artists to do the same, being able to be my own boss (is huge for me), being able to reach others and share with them how I feel, starting a non profit organization, being able to follow a positive direction in life, and having new doors to walk through as the creativity of life presents itself. 

You can connect with S Salon here and check them out on facebook

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