Sunday, March 20

Easy like Sunday Morning

I do love a Sunday. It conjures up big breakfast, piping mugs, a packed paper, family, going slow. Sunday’s are never about hurry or harsh. They are easy, just like the song says.

I’ve been thinking for a few days about what I’ll post before I scoot out for a little vay-kay on the twenty-second. How about a list of the good? I like thinking of leaving this space for two weeks standing still, gazing out in good.

Here we go - -

Being so taken by this watercolor at the top of our spiral staircase earlier this week, that I scrambled for the camera to photograph it

water color by artist Ashley Tajod

Red moon big and bright

40 degrees 

This song by Etta James

Having my very own stones painted by artist Fusun Aydinlik of Zeustones...the color floats and the lines are crisp, seriously beautiful craftsmanship folks.

Holding an appreciative gaze on the ordinary

Figuring out that Limano is the best combination of dog & cat

Twenty minute sauna sweat after core class, that tired warm body hum is yum

Eating homemade bread with a fried egg in the middle

What are your days good things? Leave 'em like love notes in the comments please.

Peace out! See you in April!


  1. thank you Amy :) I am so happy to have met you...I love your work, and I am really humbled that you have bought mine...
    tell me whenever you need more blank stones :)...

  2. That same 40 degrees!

    Led Zeppelin all day.

    Some very wonderful 5 month old giggles.

    Homemade caesar dressing with real anchovies.

    Great time spent with my hubby on his last day of Spring Break.

    : )

  3. zooming across the border for some tacos al pastore.

    mail swaps arriving form my blog buddies.

    Huz bringing me my coffee, laptop and my hotpad to sooth my lower back in the morning

    skipping across cyberspace to see what everyone else is creating.

    hanging laundry on the line

    Have a nice vacay, Amy!
    xoxo Kim

  4. Snuggling in bed in the morning with my kiddos
    Hot chocolate
    Zoe Johnston's sweet voice
    Bare arms covered in bread dough
    Noticing that the trees are budding!!

  5. Sunshine
    My hands in the fresh soil of my garden
    Mornings at the farmers market
    Quiet cup of coffee at the cafe.

    Great post Amy. It made me stop and reflect on all my blessings.