Thursday, March 17


The snow is finally melting and I see pavement and dirt in patches all over town. Thank God. Winter tends to wear on you in March. Yes, that’s right, I said March. When the rest of the world is facebooking and twittering about crocuses popping out, cherry blossoms blooming and all the other wonderful moments of Spring - - I’m still wearing winter boots and flipping coins on if I can go a whole day without a down coat. Today I went without and totally froze my a** off.

I cut my hair and already I’m thinking of going ultra short…it’s just a matter of time before I’m rocking Mia Farrow’s cut in Rosemary’s Baby. Do you know it?

I've been able to take great strides in the studio this week, with vacation on my tail there's some pressure to get it all done. There are new rocks in the shop and I'm particularly fond of this little baby... 

Later I'll work on coloring in these stones...

and in the meantime I'll be inspired by the sweet stones Julochka's daughter painted after seeing some of mine...totally made my day! And talking about days being made - an extra thank you to Julochka for featuring my work over on her blog - what an honor!


  1. That was pretty cool what Sabin came up with eh?
    Like the new "do" It's only the hair that 's been fed by the whole foods diet left, right?
    Looking forward to seeing you after quite a bit more meltage....say May or thereabouts?
    Maybe you can come out to Deltaland one day this summer and play!
    xoxo Kim

  2. Vacation is on our tail!! Can hardly!!