Tuesday, March 15

March Valentines...

The mister found heart shaped ice this week and took a picture of it incase it melted before I saw it. Umm, how sweet is that? That my dears, is one of the tiny details of how I know I married the exact, worth every second of the sometimes ‘where the heck are you’ 32 year wait, perfect soul of a mate. Best decision in love hands down.

Hey - speaking of good choices - -

I woke up this morning and felt downright giddy. You know why? I’m heading to the beach in less than a week to celebrate my brothers wedding with family and friends. Talk about the history that'll be walking around this wedding! It’s gonna be special and I. cannot. wait.

So, I’m nose to the grindstone this week, cranking out a handful of commissions and clocking some serious studio time to get it done before we go. 

I’m going to do my best to get my bloggy on this week as well; then it's all plane outfits & serious celebrating from there on out. Did I mention there is going to be a live band and a shrimp boil? Oh yeah. It's the stuff epic is made of.

On a side note - to fully allow vacation to sink and settle in, I decided on a double dose of spring break starting March 21st.  After this week, I'm taking a break and will  be back in the blog-o-sphere on Monday, April 4th.

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  1. that little heart-shaped ice was well-spotted!

    sounds like a lovely week you have ahead! wedding on a beach. i could use one of those myself. or maybe just the beach. and some cake.

    "one bright morning" arrived today and brightened my day! i'm writing a bloggy blog post about it right now, including how your work inspired sabin last evening. it's not up yet, but it will be before too long!

    enjoy your holiday!