Wednesday, November 10

Keepin' it real: Part Two

Hey! I see you. Looks like we have arrived at the much-acclaimed “flipside” of a seriously dreary, blah kind of yesterday. What I have learned by now is that when the blah feeling strikes, it’s best to acknowledge it’s presence ( say it with me - - I am where I am) and then get busy and distracted quickAfterwards, make sure to indulge in frivolous.
This is what distracted looked liked: 

Chatanika River

Do you see the heart? 

Check out all our loot!

We spent the rest of the day in frivolous mode - movie marathon-ing, eating straight up comfort food for our meals (I will tell you there was fried cheese and a chocolate milkshake involved), star gazing, trying out these neat little things my acupuncturist gifted us (the way the smoke pool’s on your skin is super cool)

All and all we turned it around. It is so important to go with it and accept where you are standing moment to moment. And look here. Today - - 

the gray 

lifted to blue. 

Big Love to you.

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