Sunday, November 14

Getting a jump on the holidays

His expression makes me laugh every time      

Me and that guy I kinda like are taking Christmas stockings to a new level this year. Whole heartedly believing in the impact and importance of buying handmade; we decided to create an Etsy scavenger hunt for what’s going to fill our stockings.

We agreed upon 7 categories:

Fridge Flare (I am such a sucker for a well decorated fridge)

Ornament (hello keepsake)

Tool (guess who slipped that one in?)

Vintage item for kitchen or bath (we are still redecorating & fixing up the house. I know, I know I promised pics eons ago and will take you on a tour once everything has found its place)

Something light passes through (I am also a sucker for abstract, poetic categories that have to do with light when we’re losing 6 minutes each day in Alaska)

Eclectic T-shirt (say no more)

A piece of the natural world (This is why I married him – he totally gets “it”)

I think it would be fun to post all of our handmade loot and link up to all the talented artisans we found. In fact, look for that sometime after December 25th. Etsy is a magical place and I am little kid excited to search for treasures!

(ps) Inspire yourself with a visit to poppytalk and check out 101 reasons to buy handmade 


  1. Made me smile! Love your bangs! When was that shot taken?? xo

  2. What a cool idea!
    It was so nice to meet you finally and thanks for the fridge flair!
    xoxo Kim